Mod - Smooth Sailing

Fewer stall points.
Author: Comrade Vox
Latest Version: 1.1.0

Smooth Sailing

A set of small, low-touch changes combining to make progress more smooth, with fewer stallouts and less grinding.

Gradient Difficulty

In vanilla Cultist Simulator, all aspect skill checks key into 3 skill breakpoints, often invalidating hirelings, and small follower improvements that clever players can eke out. Smooth Sailing modifies the skill checks so that each point of aspect counts (currently only applies to vault success checks). This can have a few unexpected effects: at the basic skill check difficulties, pawns and unenhanced Disciples are slightly less effective. However, the additional strategic options this opens up throughout the game more than makes up for it.

Easier Early Game Vaults, Harder Late Game Vaults

Previously, all vault difficulty checks had the same difficulty, causing early game vaults to be a crapshoot. Now, capital vaults have much higher success chances for low-level followers, shire vaults are somewhat easier, and Land Beyond The Forest and further are somewhat harder. Additionally, capital, shire, and continent vaults list their obstacles on the card while later vaults have randomized obstacles.


There are other changes- detailed in the changelogs. However, reading them may reveal things about the game that you don’t want to know. Needless to say, there are many small but key improvements to keep the game moving and stop it from bogging down too long in any one spot. Enjoy!

Changelog - Cultist Simulator Spoilers Beyond This Point

Version 1.1.0

  • Compatible with the Dancer DLC
  • Added gradient success system to vaults. Cult activities still use hard breakpoints.
  • Capital and Shire vaults now have increased success chances, especially at lower levels. Capital vaults in particular are much easier to tackle with low level cultists, pawns, and hirelings.
  • Land Beyond the Forest, Rending Mountains, Lone and Level Sands, and Evening Isles vaults now have reduced success chances, especially at lower levels.
  • Unique paintings can now be granted to followers like other tools.
  • A new item, "Cracked Madrugan Handmirror" has been added to the common vault rewards table. It is a repairable mirror- when repaired, it has identical stats to the Bone Flute, except it is a mirror and can be used at the peacock door. There is a broken one on the common loot table and a repaired one on the uncommon loot table.
  • The Ascent of Knives, beyond the Stag Door, can now draw A Forbidden Epic.
  • Cultist Simulator Bugfix: Edge cultist abduction failures are no longer guaranteed to result in a wounded follower.
  • Smooth Sailing Bugfix: Evening Isles vaults and a few stray Lone and Level Sands vaults are now correctly randomized.
  • Smooth Sailing Bugfix: Vault obstacle telegraphs now display the correct icons.

Version 1.0.0

  • Ascension aspect requirement for Lantern, Forge, and Grail reduced to 33.
  • Vault obstacles are now listed as aspects on the vault card for Capital, Shire, and Continent vaults.
  • Land Beyond the Forest, Rending Mountains, Lone and Level Sands, and Evening Isles vaults now have randomized obstacles.