Mod - Find The Traitors

A total conversion mod about deduction.
Author: Destragon
Latest Version: 1.0.0

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Preview screenshot

You start the game with 10 cultists, 3 of which are traitors. If you manage to find all the traitors, you win, but if you lose 3 loyal cultists beforehand, then you lose the game.

After the setup phase completes, you will randomly receive tasks and bonus tasks. Assigning cultists to these tasks will give you hints to their loyalty. Bonus tasks will supply you with one of a couple different bonus items that can help you in various ways. Read the in-game ‘rules’ card for more information.

Sometimes your cultists will randomly become unavailable and limit your options. You will have to manage your tasks with whatever you have available and keep in mind which people could potentially be traitors.

This mod adds a custom legacy called ‘Traitor Hunter’ that will randomly show up in the new game menu. You need to start a game as this legacy to actually play the mod. You can force the legacy to show up by going to your save file (accessible in the options menu) and replacing one of the three legacies there with ‘traitor_hunter’.

Mod compatibility: This mod overwrites NO core game files.

Last game version tested on: 2019.2.d.1