Mod - Autorepeat Mod

Makes it easier to automatically repeat certain actions.
Author: Destragon
Latest Version: 1.0.0

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This is a quality of life mod that lets you automatically repeat some things. Currently only affects the book store and the auction house.

Book store:

You can put a large stack of funds in its slot and it will keep buying books until it either runs out of money or you inserted a Health card, which tells it to leave early. The time that is required to buy the books is the same, it just reduces the mouse clicks.

Auction house:

After an auction has completed (buy or sell doesn’t matter), it will get to a screen where you have 10 seconds to either place an item you want to sell or place a Health card to find another auction for buying items. The total time it occupies the verb tile is actually unchanged. I reduced the length of certain screens by 10 seconds, but you will have to wait 10 more seconds for your items to be delivered to you, so the time changes cancel each other out.

(This actually also fixes a little bug that’s in the base game where the auction house accidentally eats up one of your funds when you lose an auction even though it says that ‘you retain your funds’.)

Mod compatibility: Overwrites core game element ‘locationbookdealer ‘, recipe ‘explorelocationbookdealer’, and several auction house recipes.

Last game version tested on: 2019.2.d.1