Mod - Alternate Recuperation Mod

Changes the way your Health, Reason, Passion cards refresh.
Author: Destragon
Latest Version: 1.0.1

Steam discussion thread

This mod is for people who have played Cult Sim a bunch already and want to try playing with some slightly different spin to it.

Essentially what this mod does is make it so that the 3 main ability cards, Health, Reason, Passion, can only regenerate one at a time instead of all regenerating simultaneously. It adds a ‘recuperation’ verb, which sucks up an exhausted ability card and spits out a refreshed version after some time.

This makes your ability cards more valuable as resources, it might also make the game a little harder and slower though. Spending 3-4 reason or passion on something is now a big investment and there now is an actual incentive to dream with exhausted health cards to refresh them.

Mod compatibility: Overwrites core game elements ‘fatigue’, ‘concentration’, ‘passionexhausted’.

Last game version tested on: 2019.2.d.1