Mod - Addiction Mod

Adds random addiction events that are caused by opium.
Author: Destragon
Latest Version: 1.0.0

Steam discussion thread

You know how opium is supposed to have negative consequences? I never noticed any while playing the game. I looked through the files and noticed that it’s actually supposed to be able to spawn the ‘sickness’ verb, but it can’t even do that because it’s missing a requirement.

This mod fixes that bug and adds more flavor to that part of the game. Now when you take opium, there’s a chance it will spawn an ‘addiction’ verb, which is able to go through a couple random events and can create some items. There’s also a way to circumvent the negative aspects of the addiction by instead losing control of someone else for a random amount of time.

This is still just a small mod, but I think it’s a lot better than what’s currently in the game in that regard.

Mod compatibility: Overwrites core recipe ‘dreamfunds’.

Last game version tested on: 2019.2.d.1